Contactinformation and orders

Would you like to know more about the artworks on my website? Or would you like to know more about the pricing of a specific artwork?

 Please send me an e-mail with the following information:

  • The number and title of the artwork you are interested in
  • Your specific question

For pricing of artworks please find some information below.

Especially for prints I will need some specific information on your wishes as to be able to give you an indication of the price. We get prints professionally printed on 300 grams photopaper.
Please inform us in your email about the size. Decide whether you prefer us to arrange for the print to be mounted professionally on a backing.

We can supply the following backing options:

    • Alu-dibond. Aluminium back and acrylic perspex to the front
    • MDF board (black or brown, 12 or 18 mm thick) with the print directly mounted on it. 

I will send you, in reaction to your email, the total price for the artwork including:

  • The price for the actual artwork
  • The cost of mounting the artwork, if you wish that done via us
  • The cost for delivery by mail
  • 9% VAT

General indication of prices:

As a general guideline I use the following formula:

    • For one-off artworks on paper or canvas: height + width in cm x €2,50 (example: h 20 cm+  w 30 cm x €2,50=  € 125,00)
    • For prints: height + width in cm x €1,00 (example: h20 cm + w30 cm x €1,00 = € 50,00)

Further wishes, queries or remarks are always welcome. Please send me an e-mail and I will send you a response.

On Instagram you will always find posts of my most recent work. You are very welcome to follow me there!